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Here's some fellow guitar fans who have generously gone out of their way to help keep me inspired to churn out covers and tabs! My thanks go out to all of them!

Christian Tölkes
Wolfgang Bongardt
James Bobb
Jan-Willem Van Der Linden
Edgar E C U
Lawrence McGinnis
Jennifer Payne
Michael Kehn
Christopher Nyberg
Faiz Kermani
Aladdin Alhaddad
Frans Van Tiel
Gillian Brown
James Bobb
Buco Zidarevic
Jean-Benoit Harvey
Mark Garvin
Jackson Schmidt
Keith Kibbee
Barclay Richey
James Bobb
Tom Visser
Hakob Khachatryan
Michael Debord
ChairCycle LLC
Andrew Nelson
Scott Campbell
Stephen Nguyen
Joonas Lume
Sonia Alvarez
Jake Johnston
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